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“A luverly peece”... a digital poster I completed for a drama production.

In another galaxy... A digital commission of General Hux completed for a big fan of Star Wars

Inky depths... Bleached image of a bronze statue from the Oxford museum.

Whether you need a painting of a family member or a logo for your business, Holliverse will help you find or commission your perfect piece fast. Every work of art is quality, vibrant and exclusive.

I’m a freelance artist who is experienced with traditional methods, such as gouache and oil paints, but I also enjoy dabbling in digital art and design. Being self-taught, I’ve developed my own unique style and I’m always trying new tricks and techniques to help advance my skills.

I created Holliverse as an efficient and elegant way to promote and sell my artwork. My website is designed to revolve around what you want and need, and to make your experience quick and easy. Why Holliverse? Because it helps me make my art available, while also expressing my firm belief that anything in the universe can be painted, drawn or designed.